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Where Do I Put My Things?!

I’ve been in the teaching game now for 5 years. Long enough to feel like a veteran, but still short enough to remember all of the valuable lessons I learned during my student teaching experience. My cooperating teacher was simply the best. She taught me so much more than I ever expected in 5 short… Continue reading Where Do I Put My Things?!

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Overthinking Things…

This week has been absolutely jam packed with family/church/life obligations, so I haven’t stepped foot in my classroom since LAST Friday. (6 days to get it done!) Monday: Air conditioning went out on our nice family vehicle, so we transferred the car seats into our verrrry run down (but still running!) other car early in the… Continue reading Overthinking Things…

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Here’s to a New Year!

Fellow teachers, I’m going candid… My classroom is a COMPLETE disaster. Every time I step foot into it, I kind of just want to cry. I’m 25 weeks pregnant and going on maternity leave the first of November, so I decided (stupidly) to literally take everything out of my cabinets/shelves and reorganize. Why? Your guess… Continue reading Here’s to a New Year!