2016-2017 Classroom Reveal!

WOW! School has been in session since last Wednesday, and I still feel like I am sinking in my to-do lists! Anyone else feelin’ like me here??

Don’t get me wrong, I’m loving how this year has begun so far! Loving my class, schedule, parents, everything! .. Just have a LOT on my plate right now – as I’m sure you all can understand!

I began working on setting up my classroom one day a week throughout the entire month of July, then everything caught up with me and I ended up spending some long 12 hour days, just days before the start of school. Playing catch up on my procrastination during the summer, was very exhausting – especially on this pregnant lady’s body.. 🙂

I’ll begin my classroom reveal with the outside of my room. Once a week I display a different student for Star Student of the Week. I found this awesome resource on Inspire Create Teach’s TPT page a few years ago and have used it with much success to kind of be my guide on what my Star Students present each day!


As you walk into the classroom, you will find my individual fuzzy jars (which is part of my classroom management system – I’ll explain more of that in a post to come soon!).


I’m all about labeling right now in my life. I’m not sure why – it’s probably a “nesting” issue trying to prepare my classroom for maternity leave.


Zooming in…


This resource has been the bomb.com in my classroom! I borrowed the idea from Kristine Nannini, here.


Students use Restroom tokens and a restroom pass to leave my classroom to use the restroom. You can find out more about this resource here and here! (both FREE resources on my TPT page!)


My students have tables – so there is no spot for library books to be in a desk. Trying to come up with a solution – I decided to zip tie 6 of my crates together, so that each table group had a special place to store their library books!

Speaking of library books…


Welcome to my classroom library! IMG_0122

Each book had a library pocket on the inside cover with an index card that displays the book’s title and author. When a student checks out a book in my library – they simply place the index card into their appropriate numbered pocket! When the child is ready for a new book – they return the index card back into the pocket, and slip to book into the Return bin. Each book is labeled with a number that corresponds to the appropriate book bin that the “classroom librarian” will put back at the end of each day. I’ve left lots of counter space, because I plan to be adding many more bins of books this year! 🙂


Like I mentioned earlier … I’ve got table groups – so I’ve needed to become resourceful when storing items for my students. On top of the counter, I’ve purchased book boxes to store all folders/spirals. Each student has their own box. IMG_0125

Underneath the counter, each table group stores their books in a unique way.


With each compartment signifies a different colored table group. At each table group, students are given another number based off of Kagan Cooperative Learning mats I’ve created to match my classroom theme. Each textbook is labeled with the students’ table color/number (1-4). Each student is also given a binder that store their practice book pages for our reading curriculum.



Our goal in 4th grade is to have 50 multiplication facts completed in 1 minute by the end of year! Here is how I track it in bar graph form!


Moving along, we also need places to store Social Studies/Science materials – so here are the bins we store those materials in! (one for each table group of course!)


Can’t wait to fill these bulletin boards with fun anchor charts throughout the year! 🙂



In need of a place to store smaller math items students will need on a daily basis – I’ve created smaller math bins for things like geometry templates and protractors!


With the Everyday Math curriculum our distract uses – there are A LOT of math games to keep track of. I’ve placed about 12 sets of each game into different magazine holders for easy access, as well as labeled frequently used math materials for students to grab quickly.


Lots and lots of space on my wall for anchor charts! IMG_0137

Here’s a fun project I worked on last summer to spruce up Goodwill find I purchased!


Our school uses SRA Imagine It! curriculum – so I took it upon myself to spruce up my Question/Concept board, which can be found on my TPT page, here if you’re interested!


Exchanged my desk for a table last year, and this year I’ve finally covered up my legs with a fun “curtain” that matches my classroom theme.


Due to my inability to hide things in my nonexistent desk – I’ve had to become creative with the storage I’ve got. Everything has a proper place and label, of course ;).


Open space, drives me crazy.. so I added some “curtains” to hide the storage.


Daily 5 board!!


Community supply area! – No dirty pencil boxes in this classroom! No way jose!


Instead of buying an expensive mailbox for my classroom – my amazing husband cut dividers for me with some scrap wood we had. I simply hot glued them between shelves, and they act as a perfect classroom mailbox!


One of my most favorite additions to my classroom this year are my Sit Spots! I’ve purchased 4 for each color of my tables. Each different Sit Spot, I then numbered between 1-4 to match my Kagan Cooperative Learning Mat structure!

Makes for a quick transition from sitting at tables – to the carpet – and back again! 🙂


Each mat looks similar to this – but has a different color, depending on the table group!

Each table also store dry erase markers, erasers, and post it notes. Not pencils! No, No, no! …


Pencils are stored in their pencil holders that I’ve glued around the edge of every table. It COMPLETELY erased my students constant dilemma of “losing” their pencils (cough… on my floor… cough)




I am SO excited about this school year and how my room is set up this year. So far in the 4 days of school we’ve had, everything has been running smoothly!

The majority of the labels/decorations that you see in my classroom are sold on my TPT store, here. If you have any questions about my set up and how things operate, feel free to comment and ask!


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