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Overthinking Things…

This week has been absolutely jam packed with family/church/life obligations, so I haven’t stepped foot in my classroom since LAST Friday. (6 days to get it done!)

Monday: Air conditioning went out on our nice family vehicle, so we transferred the car seats into our verrrry run down (but still running!) other car early in the morning. Hubs drove the sick car into the shop and we followed with breakfast-on-the go, far too early. Wait, I mentioned early already. 😉


Tuesday: Watched my adorable niece – which is helping me learn how to handle life with a young baby in our home again. Scary.

Wednesday: Annual eye appointment out of town – I’m really attached to my hometown eye doctor facility, and feel the hour and a half drive is well worth the extra effort. Even though I just found out they aren’t covering my eye insurance anymore!!! Anger.

Thursday: Working on curriculum for kids church/mapping out schedules all related to our church launching in September. 38 days until launch! Anxious!

Friday: …. I BETTER get into that classroom! 🙂

With all that to say, I’ve been looking at old files of things I’ve created in years past for my classroom – not even TPT related, and I’m OVER THINKING my creativity! I’ve ended up completely remodeling a lot of the items I’ve used for years, simply because I’m ready for a change. Also.. since I haven’t been able to be in my room – I feel mildly productive doing at least something classroom related at home. 🙂


I made them for me first, THEN I wanted to bless my blog/instagram/TPT followers with a  fun FREEBIE!!

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 4.17.29 PM


This FREEBIE comes with step by step directions on how to edit the restroom passes to have YOUR class # on them!

Another thing I spent maybe  a little bit too much time on, but ended up JUST how I envisioned –  are my new display of classroom rules!


Inside the Zip file – you will get the following folders to choose from:





I personally am not a big fan of the Whole Brain Teaching rule #3 – Raise your hand for permission to leave your seat – simply because I have such a wide variety of seating in my classroom, and moving around doesn’t bother me, unless I’m in the middle of a lesson. SO.. I included a bonus folder with the rules that I will be using in my classroom!


I’m really looking forward to attaching these posters to a nice thick purple ribbon and hanging them at the front of my room! 🙂

Next week I should finally have my class done, so you can see how I display these super cute posters!

Stay tuned for my classroom reveal!!



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