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Here’s to a New Year!


Fellow teachers, I’m going candid…

My classroom is a COMPLETE disaster. Every time I step foot into it, I kind of just want to cry. I’m 25 weeks pregnant and going on maternity leave the first of November, so I decided (stupidly) to literally take everything out of my cabinets/shelves and reorganize. Why?

Your guess is as good as mine.

I’ve got a 2 and a half year old at home, I’m pregnant, have a Family Life Pastor husband for a new church plant about to launch in September, school is about to start in 3 weeks, and I do THIS?!

Yep. I did this. I do it to myself every year. (Sorry babe…)

I’ve got a jam packed week ahead-one that won’t allow me to even step foot into my classroom until next weekend, but I must get it done.

I WILL get it done!

So far I’ve at least organized my cabinet!



Meanwhile, until I can get into my classroom again, I’ve been working on adding some resources to my Teachers Pay Teachers page!

Since it’s back to school season, I’ve uploaded some items onto my page that surely won’t disappoint! You’ll quickly learn about me that I’m all about Kagan Cooperative Learning strategies, and finding ways to turn my district’s mandated curriculum into fun/cute Kagan-esk material!

With my classroom being a rainbow color scheme with sparks of zebra thrown in the mix, I created some fun Kagan Cooperative Learning Mats that are currently my best seller!


My kids love them, and SO DO I!

Click on the picture to take a looksie, and while you’re there – be sure to FOLLOW ME!

I look forward to getting to know this new blogging community!



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